Made in Italy

Made in Italy

How we work

Creating and realizing a polyethylene design object requires a precise knowledge of the material and especially of its manufacturing, complexity included. We’re glad and proud to affirm that we’re the only company of this specific sector which entirely produces internally with rotational molding.

Our work starts with the designer’s concept; secondly our production department follows the entire process of the product’s realization, fixing any possible incoherence between design and molds, through the high synergy between all the company’s departments.

Our team always gives preference to high quality, carefully selecting polyethylene’s mixtures, adapting it to the product’s needs and always ensuring an excellent final result to create a design object in able to respect quality standards without overlooking aesthetic and functionality. Attention to details and the Made in Italy guarantee are reflected in every production stage, from the molds and materials choice to every single product element, all manufactured in Italy.

Products’ optimization is researched in every step, starting from the abstract and creative phase of design and continuing with the industrial and, at the end, artisanal work that we’re able to ensure.

illuminated furniture, chairs, chaise lounge, shower loop, for indoor and outdoor