Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy


Idiha's World

Idiha Design arises in june 2011 from an idea. Idea of change and evolution, which has the aim to merge together ability, technique and knowledge of the raw material with pure design. Idiha’s project stands up from the necessity to develop and transform to reality our qualified team’s creative ideas, made of specialized techs, architects and designers, supported by a 30 year Italian leading group, focused on the rotational plastic molding and ensuring the most high quality standards in the production stage.

Knowhow of the processing and materials, Made in Italy and peculiarity make every single product a unique piece of fine and valued design. To guarantee its products high quality, Idiha is organized to support and to create interactions between the project department, the production stage and the creative staff. This way, every new proposal is created and realized testing new solutions, to optimize the best of aesthetic and functionality.

arredamento pisa

Team Idiha

Idiha’s team is made by young, dynamic and proactive people, whose strength is sharing ideas and concepts. The bond between marketing, designers and production creates an innovative and performing setting to work and to express yourself in. Thanks to frequent collaborations with the most important European design institutes, as London or Barcelona, Idiha Design became in these last years a sort of meltin pot of young talents, who work together to realize a unique design product.

High specialized techs, the continue research and testing of new technologies in the production process, added to the desire of creating revolutionary solutions through the use of plastic, allow Idiha’s team to express its vision and creativity, shaping emotional elements in the production of design objects, in which the raw material’s proprieties are glorified.

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Illuminated furniture, chairs, chaise lounge, shower loop, for indoor and outdoor